SnowWorld Fun Run 2018

The SnowWorld Fun Run is a challenge held every summer at SnowWorld, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Contestants from all age groups participate in this events, that leads you over ski slopes and mounds of snow, through pools of water and over running trails ranging from 1 to 10 km’s.

The article (in dutch) can be found here.


United Cheers Cheerleaders Bevrijdingsfestival Zoetermeer 2018

The cheerleaders from United Cheers Cheerleaders performing at Bevrijdingsfestival Zoetermeer 2018.


Maasvlakte Rotterdam

The Maasvlakte is a massive area, an extension to the industrial area surrounding the port of Rotterdam. The Maasvlakte is actually build on land reclaimed from the North Sea in the 1960s.

Finding shots is a bit of a challenge, as many locations are hard to reach.

Shooting conditions were harsh, icy cold with gusting winds, that made getting sharp images a challenge.

The picture below is of the Lyondell Chemical Plant.



Scheveningen is a popular seaside resort with a boardwalk a nice beach and a pier. In the summertime when the weather gets hot, it can get very crowded.

Below are pictures of the Pier, the Kurhaus and the art piece Thsuki-No-Kikari.