Meijendel is a nature reserve that stretched between¬†Scheveningen, The Hague and Wassenaar. It’s the largest¬†interconnected dune area in South Holland and consists of dunes, beaches, lakes and forests. Some parts are restricted, but in most of the area you can hike, bike, ride horses or just relax. This shot was taken right as the last of the sunlight died down. There are no lights in the nature reserve, and finding the car in the dark was quite a challenge.



Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, with beautiful medieval and Georgian architecture and gardens. All the highlights are within walking distance, it’s the perfect place for successful photo city trip. My favorite shots of this trip are posted below and include Calton Hill and Holyrood Abbey.


Oostpoort, Delft

The Oostpoort (Eastern Gate) in Delft, The Netherlands, shot at blue hour. The city gate was build around 1400 and is the only city gate remaining in Delft.

The shooting conditions were disappointing, due to construction, clouds and the “kroost” (the green floating plant material) in the water. It really limited the angles you could shoot, a good excuse to revisit the site. Even so I’m pleased with the results.